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Production cockpit

HPC.PP Production Cockpit
for your SAP® system

The HPC.PP manufacturing cockpit offers you a lean and simple way to capture information directly at store floor level and process it in your SAP ERP system. You can retrieve real-time information from the shop floor easily and transparently. With clear TARGET-ACTUAL comparisons, you can easily control and adjust capacity utilization as needed at any time.

Fig. 1 HPC.PP production cockpit on the iPad

Production suitability

Shop-floor level data collection is supported by MSB® technology for a variety of devices, such as: PC, tablet, smartphone, touch screen, scanner and many more. Simplest operation and user guidance are ensured by role-specific configuration as well as pre-designed and customizable SAP processes.

Process reliability and efficiency increase

Role-based access ensures safe and efficient navigation through the process. The user is provided with the transactions and information required for his task quickly and clearly. In addition, the effort required to enter data can be further reduced by preassigning fields individually.

Transparency in manufacturing

By connecting different end devices, information about the contents of the production order, order progress, stock changes, machine status and malfunctions, feedback messages can be recorded and processed in real time.
The results can be displayed in customer-specific lists. In this way, any need for action can be identified promptly and appropriate measures can be initiated.

Fig. 2 Example worker terminal

application areas for the production cockpit are.

application areas for the production cockpit are.


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