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Do you want to meet the constantly growing customer demands? You know the added value of a clear and simple UI design?

In the area of mobile solutions, SAP delivers an outdated standard – simple screens that can be converted into HTML pages using the ITSmobile framework and thus displayed in a browser.

The outdated technology has various disadvantages:

Advantages of the UI5 Converter

Advantages of the UI5 Converter

The UI5 Converter automatically converts your SAP standard masks for mobile applications (ITSmobile) from the outdated, device-specific layout to a modern, “responsive” UI5 design in Fiori layout (improved usability e.g. for lists, gesture control etc.) with significantly better performance on all end devices, within minutes and without any development effort.

In addition, the generated masks can be individually enhanced (even with functionalities that SAP technology does not offer – e.g. photo upload).

Especially in EWM, the UI5 Converter can show its strengths even more: In EWM, SAP delivers a customizable and extensible RF framework in the standard. The UI5 Converter does not simply convert individual masks here, but reads the entire RF customizing including customer-specific settings and extensions, interprets this and automatically generates the UI5 masks based on this – within minutes.

This way you stay in the SAP standard and thus prepared for the next EWM releases.

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