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Mobile processes in intralogistics

The mobilization of processes is a crucial success factor for meeting the ever-increasing demands in intralogistics. You want higher process reliability, reliable deliveries, always up-to-date inventory evaluation and everything paperless with maximum utilization?

With guided processes on appropriate end devices (mobile & stationary), data can be recorded promptly at the point of action (online & offline). This means that you now have an accurate picture of the processes in the SAP® system in real time and can react more quickly to deviations.

Another key benefit of Enterprise Mobility is the simplified dialogs. Employees no longer need to be trained intensively in SAP®, but access the SAP systems via solutions such as HPC “Smart Solutions” with uniformly designed and simply structured dialogs.

Mobisys Solution Builder®

With HPC’s process know-how and the certified product line of the Mobisys Solutions Builders (MSB®) we deliver precisely tailored solutions for mobile-managed SAP processes. Any identification systems such as scanning, RFID, weighing, controls can be connected – without middleware, directly with the ABAP Workbench.

Are you looking for a mobile solution for processes in the warehouse, picking, confirming performance, quantities, batches, serial numbers, controlling carousel warehouses or optimizing maintenance? The mobile applications of the Mobisys Solution Builder® are programmed in ABAP and can be individually designed with the MSB® Developer. The solution is characterized by very good performance and secure communication via http or https protocol. With standard transactions standard transactions that can be used immediately, you also benefit from a quick start.

Why is the SAP® standard not sufficient for such scenarios?

Why is the SAP® standard not sufficient for such scenarios?

SAP offers a comprehensive system that maps cross-module processes, but requires a great deal of know-how from the user. For example, to make a stock transfer in SAP®, a user must first know the movement types for the stock transfers and also fill in the dialog boxes correctly. This complexity is perfectly fine for a key user.

To enable a warehouse employee to perform these tasks “on the side”, the use of simple scanner dialogs, as standardized by the Mobisys MSB® software, and barcodes is a good solution. This significantly reduces complexity and simplifies the process.

SAP® WM with mobile solution at ISOLITE

ISOLITE has an external warehouse management system with mobile devices in use in all warehouses. SAP® ERP 6.0 is in place without a distinct warehouse management. WLAN coverage is not comprehensive. To eliminate error-proneness and interface limitations, SAP® WM including a mobile online solution is to be introduced for a new warehouse …

Mobile goods receipt in intralogistics?

At goods receipt, delivery bills no longer need to be checked and manually transferred to SAP®. Employees simply scan a barcode on the receipts, print out the labels for the products on the move, and apply them to the packaging. Since the input values are already checked for correctness in the dialog, an error-prone goods receipt process is now turned into a streamlined process …

MSB Technology

The Mobisys Solution Builder® is a framework integrated and certified in SAP. Middleware is not required. The application is created and customized in the ABAP Workbench and with an optional development kit. The MSB® supports online and offline processes. It consists of several components:

Fig. 1 The technology of MSB®

MSB® Runtime

The runtime component includes a device and a user administration with user monitor. A message dispatch to the mobile devices is possible. External MDM solutions can be integrated.
The runtime contains analysis tools – external remote support tools can be embedded.

MSB®Client or MSB® App

The MSB® Client supports the Windows operating systems, the MSB® App can be used for IOS, Android or Blackberry.

Barcode scanner, RFID reader, card reader, GPS function or camera function can be embedded in the application, the display of graphics and documents is possible. A dynamic switch between WLAN and cellular connections allows an uninterrupted use of the mobile applications at any time.

MSB® Developer

The MSB® Developer is the development kit for mobile applications. It is used to develop your own mobile applications or to extend or adapt existing applications. It uses the SAP ABAP Workbench as a development environment for the entire process logic and for all SAP modules. With the graphical Screen Designer, new dialog masks can be created quickly and easily. The MSB® Developer also enables the automatic transfer of SAP ITSmobile processes.

MSB® Standard Transactions

HPC provides MSB® standard transactions. This enables HPC customers to use mobile applications productively immediately. The scope of delivery includes mobile processes regarding:

A satisfied customer...

“With the Mobisys app, we have found a solution that is independent of device type and operating system and can be used for all SAP systems thanks to the proven ABAP environment. We can imagine establishing the app as a central access point to all our SAP systems.”

A Stuttgart car manufacturer

Mobile standard transactions

Get started now -
with mobile standard transactions

Benefit from a fast project start with the out-of-the-box standard transactions. With the MSB® standard transactions, HPC customers can immediately use mobile applications productively. With the help of the MSB® Developer, the transactions can be extended easily and without restrictions at any time with ABAP knowledge.

The MSB® standard transactions cover frequently occurring business processes in the following areas.

Fig. 3 Goods receipt

Fig. 4 Storage bin info

Fig. 5 Info system


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