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Carrier Connect

With the Carrier Connect software of our partner AEB SE a smooth multi-carrier shipment can be realized. The solution prints shipping labels and transmits shipment data for more than 150 shipping companies and CEP services - fully integrated into the SAP® landscape.

Integration of transport service providers (CEP or forwarding agents) into your SAP® landscape

Carrier Connect can be integrated directly into SAP® ERP/WM/EWM via a single fixed interface. For companies with SAP® ERP and SAP S/4HANA®, our partner AEB offers the SAP® plug-in for Carrier Connect. For companies with SAP® EWM, HPC has developed an interface that enables integration without detour via the SAP® ERP system.
With the help of Carrier Connect, labels and orders can be created directly from the SAP® system and shipping orders, for example, can be created quickly and conveniently by the user. Carrier Connect also provides tracking and tracing data and delivers status updates of carriers back to the SAP® system. There, users have access to an up-to-date overview of all orders and shipments of the various transport partners at all times.

Product development HPC.EWM Carrier Integration IF with AEB

The integration for Carrier Connect into standard processes and user dialogs is carried out without modification using standard SAP® technologies. The interface HPC.EWM Carrier Integration Interface (CIIF) developed by HPC combines the Express Shipment Interface (ESI) included in the standard SAP® EWM and the Carrier Connect backend of AEB into a lean solution. The developed interface uses the ESI standard to control the Carrier Connect Backend of AEB via only one interface. The communication between the HPC proprietary development and the AEB back end takes place via a web service. The handling of the carrier connect backend is realized by AEB.

Your advantages

With Carrier Connect, companies benefit from an intuitive and lean solution that helps to secure business objectives and implement end-to-end logistics processes in real time without manual processes. A system architecture specially designed for stability and speed enables fast label printing. Carrier Connect supports a variety of different printer models. The result is smooth performance in shipping logistics even with the highest shipment volumes.
Currently, more than 150 shipping companies and CEP services are already connected to Carrier Connect. By integrating Carrier Connect into their IT landscape, companies can communicate with these services flawlessly using just one interface. Switching between the connected transport service providers is possible in a flexible manner. AEB takes care of the maintenance and the complex API or interface maintenance as well as the continuous development of the connections.

Fig. 1 Schematic representation Carrier Connect