As an SAP Value Added Reseller and Support Center (PCOE), we were able to and had to deal with the new SAP system S/4HANA at an early stage.

SAP S/4HANA is the successor to SAP ERP (ECC), whose maintenance period ends at the end of 2027. All SAP ERP customers who do not want to accept a significantly higher maintenance fee for continued use of the old system will therefore be forced to make the switch in the next few years.

Our S/4 packages for you


Sales appointment
  • Non-binding sales meeting
  • Questionnaire
  • IT-Strategy
  • Check framework conditions
  • Organizational dependencies
  • Basic technical requirements

S/4 Starter Package

Consulting appointment
  • Contains Pre-Check
  • New functionalities & added value
  • Greenfield, Brownfield, RISE with SAP
  • Readiness Check
  • Custom Code Check
  • Simplification Item Check
  • BSR-Report
  • Pathfinder
  • FAR-Report
  • Maintenance Planner
  • Hardware Check
  • Presentation of results and evaluation of migration scenarios

Aim of the S/4 Starter Packages

With our starter package we would like to help you with your decision making. After our workshop and presentation of results, you will have answers to the following questions:

  • What is the right migration scenario for me?
  • Conversion or new implementation or a hybrid?
  • All-inclusive package or do-it-yourself?

An important part of the strategic planning that takes place at the beginning of the project is the analysis and decision as to whether you will perform a technical migration of the system (brownfield), set up on a new system with new processes in the standard (greenfield), or use a mixture of both approaches (i.e., performing a technical migration but still setting up anew and reverting to the standard for selected processes).

Especially in the greenfield approach – i.e. the introduction of a greenfield system with new standard processes – it is of course important to present, illuminate and evaluate specifically for your company the advantages of S/4HANA with regard to modules that were newly added to the system and were formerly external systems (such as EWM, CM, PP/DS and TM) as well as efficiency-enhancing functionalities (e.g. live MRP, merging of FI and CO, optimizer-supported transport and hold planning or kitting processes in EWM).

The implementation of S/4HANA should not be a (technical) constraint, but should really bring advantages for the business and thus enable higher profitability.

We would be happy to advise you on your project and show you the possible advantages of a changeover.

Implementation & Migration

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Implementation & Migration

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