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The Digital Revolution

The german term Industrie 4.0 (Industry 4.0) is understood to mean a fourth industrial or digital revolution that will bring about a profound and lasting transformation of economic and social conditions: “Industry 4.0 will give rise to new forms of value creation and new types of business models”. (Citation: Implementation Recommendation Industry 4.0 of the Federal Republic of Germany as of 2013: p. 5).

This subsumes the following:

  • Horizontal integration via value networks
  • Digital consistency of engineering across the entire value chain
  • Vertical integration and networked production systems

However, such a change does not happen overnight. Rather, processes and systems are gradually changing across industries, and to meet these new challenges, companies need to get informed.

8 fields of action identified:

8 fields of action identified:

  • Standardization and reference architecture
  • Mastery of complex systems
  • Comprehensive broadband infrastructure for industry
  • Security
  • Work organization and design
  • Education and training
  • Legal framework
  • Resource efficiency

Digitalization will bring extensive changes and have a fundamental impact on your business environment. The Internet of Things (or Internet of Things) opens up many unimagined possibilities through the increasing networking of customers, suppliers, machines, products and components.

Not only processes and communication are massively accelerated and more efficient, but also sustainably changed, as the example in “Predictive Maintenance” (no machine failures due to early detection and correction of faults.) shows. Example Predictive Maintenance:

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