Project approach

In addition to the classic project approach with the waterfall model, we offer a hybrid or “partially agile” approach to implementation and conversion.

This hybrid approach, which is simplified compared to the SAP approach, is based on SAP Activate – the SAP approach model – in a slightly modified form.

The diagram shows the most important components of the phases. We would be happy to present the project procedure in more detail in a joint workshop.

In the Discover phase, your company’s situation is analyzed, the strategic planning phase decides on the approach for the conversion or rollout (greenfield, brownfield, blended), and a rough process mapping is performed.

The Prepare phase is the first real phase of the project (after the strategic planning has defined the approach and scope for the implementation) – it includes, among others, the team building, the basic training, the kick-off and the deployment of a prototype depending on the approach resulting from the conversion or from the deployment of SAP Best Practices (or SAP Model Company).

The main activities of the Explore phase are the fit-gap analysis and the more detailed recording and prioritization of the processes.

In our hybrid approach, the implementation phase (Realize phase) is agile (with Scrum methodology). Here, the recorded processes are implemented in sprints and iteratively reprioritized and re-evaluated. The great advantage here is that a detailed concept/blueprint is not written and implemented at the beginning (at a time when we do not yet know the processes of your company and you do not yet know the functionalities of the SAP system), which then does not include insights gained during the further project phases), but the functionalities are only detailed and reprioritized again and again at a later point in time (in the sprints of the implementation phase).

Tests, go-live and hypercare then take place in the deploy phase, before support and continuous improvement take place in the run phase.

Implementation & Migration

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Implementation & Migration

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