RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) enables contactless data exchange between an RFID transponder and an RFID write/read device. This technology is not only cost-efficient but also relevant for contemporary and sustainable logistics projects.

Where can RFID technology support you?

Object identification

Individual containers and their contents can be identified easily and quickly compared to manual scanning by barcode.

Optimization of the material flow

You can also optimize your material flow using intelligent RFID systems.

Automated manufacturing

You can document your production status by attaching an RFID chip to the product during the manufacturing process.

Why should you use RFID?

If secure and automated object identification is important for your business, RFID technology is a good alternative to the classic barcode system.

Advantages of RFID over barcodes.

Areas of application RFID:

HPC RFID Printer


We support you with the setup and configuration of the RFID printers in SAP

RFID Tag auf einem Objekt

RFID on objects

Digitalize your supply chain with RFID tags in accordance with VDA 4902



Automatic recognition of RFID tags (KLT and pallets) - bulk detection when loading your delivery

Integration of RFID with SAP

RFID solutions can be connected directly to SAP via the HPC Connector or web services.

SAP can collect, document and analyze the data determined and transmitted via transponders and readers. This creates a basis for further digitization in the future, including the development of AI applications.

Business Partner

We offer end-to-end consulting on RFID with our partner KATHREIN Solutions GmbH


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