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For product development in general and prototyping in particular, increased customer demands and competition are usually associated with a greater number of variants and shorter product cycles. Particularly with regard to process management, documentation, procurement and inventory management of prototypes and their components, the requirements for IT support of prototype processes are increasing.

Fig. 1 Product development with HPC.Change management

Minimal effort with HPC.Prototype Construction

Minimal effort with HPC.Prototype Construction​

In many cases, the parts lists of the prototypes are not fully documented on the system side and the inventories of the different versions of prototypes are not known. With minimal effort, HPC.Prototyping in SAP delivers a customer-specific structured process control that provides all involved areas (design, development, procurement, quality assurance, etc.) with the respective required information at the right time and generates corresponding worklists.

Fig. 1 Schematic representation: HPC.Prototype Construction



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