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Efficient movement.
Maximum utilization.

Efficient movement. Maximum utilization. Anytime!​

Forklifts and other industrial trucks are used in a wide variety of company areas: for example, in goods receiving, in the picking zone, in the intermediate storage area, in production or shipping.

The HPC.Forklift Call System is a mobile application on end devices such as handheld scanners, smartphones or tablets. With little effort, productivity is increased and communication channels are improved.

Via the mobile device in the forklift, the warehouse operator can accept the orders and process them immediately or at the desired time according to specifications. The forklift call system enables the plant operators (dispatchers) to request a forklift in the simplest way in order to pick up material or have it brought. By using a forklift call system, the efficiency of the forklift fleet is significantly increased. Through the targeted dispatching of forklift drivers, transport resources are used optimally and at the right time.



Increase the efficiency of your forklift fleet with the HPC.Forklift Call System for SAP®. This reduces your empty runs and minimizes the previous time your employees spent on planning. Due to our intuitive dialogs your employees benefit from a high usability and you save a lot of costs and time.


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