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Data archiving according to GDPdU:
Faster systems without hardware investment

Data archiving according to GDPdU:
Faster systems without hardware investment

Your SAP system has been productive for several years. The overview of key figures, the traceability of processes, the access to documents: you wouldn’t want to miss all that anymore. But there is a small catch: over the years, precisely because of the way in which key figures are formed and processes are mapped, not only data accumulates that must be and remain traceable for business or legal reasons. In addition, there is also a wide variety of system data that you may no longer even need. Your data volume increases and increases and the system performance decreases. Quick and short-term investments in your hardware can still help you, but the cycle continues. Conclusion: At some point, the data volume has increased extremely again, no more storage space is available and the performance is at rock bottom.

The solution: the archiving service of HPC

The solution: the archiving service of HPC

Sometimes it is also not easy to perform archiving yourself, because the task is often perceived by administrators as an annoying additional task. Maybe you have an employee who performs the archiving, but: Is there also a reliable substitute for vacation times and illness? HPC offers you an economical and clever alternative to carry out SAP archiving. Within the framework of a fixed-price complete offer, we carry out the complete operation of your internal archiving processes.

Our service offer for you:

  • Set-up and automation of archiving runs
  •  Control of the executed archiving runs
  • Error handling (e.g. reworking of terminations)
  • Processing of tickets
  • Monthly reporting of the performed tasks

We set up your regular SAP data archiving – automated, reliable, secure – and are available for long-term support in terms of permanent support and regulated support availability for error handling.

Here's how your project could run.

Here's how your project could run.

In the archiving workshop, a number of questions are clarified to determine the objects of archiving, the scope of data growth, and also the order and urgency of the individual archiving objects:

After the analysis, we discuss the results with you and explain our recommendations. In a written report, we summarize the results on archiving objects (quantity/growth), a projection of growth, recommendations on data avoidance, and a recommendation on which data can be dispensed with. Finally, we develop your archiving solution according to these specifications, implement the necessary steps in SAP and test the solution before the final go live. From now on, you will benefit from HPC’s automated, regular archiving runs and professional support. With our monthly report you always keep an eye on your advantage in terms of archived data volume, current database volume and other information!

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