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The use of a new component in industrial production is often a real tour de force: Product-specific adjustments must be communicated uniformly from development to sales. System-supported change processes create the basis for this, integrate the most diverse specialist areas and ensure reliable data quality. With HPC Change Management in SAP, this change process is mapped transparently and complexity is reduced.

Fig. 1 Product development with HPC Change Management

Transparent control of the change process in SAP

Transparent control of the change process in SAP

Based on software modules, data objects and functions from the SAP standard, change management is seamlessly integrated into the existing SAP systems, from the change request to the change documentation in After Sales Services. In the process, the complete change workflow is mapped with clear monitoring and control (traffic light function) in a central requirements manager function. The creation of parts lists can be done here as well!

The central change management facilitates, for example, the creation of new suppliers or the addition of a new component to the warehouse, including all monitoring functions for the remaining stock up to the mapping of the end device serial number of the finished product in which the new component was installed with a specific delivery batch.

HPC.Change Management in SAP

The central cross-departmental control cockpit shows worklists for participating departments. Process progress, cost structures and change documentation can be seen at a glance, master data can be adjusted at the click of a mouse, and necessary material procurements can be made directly in the SAP software.


Standardized change management at EvoBus

Standardized change management at EvoBus

In addition to its own development work, EvoBus GmbH must also implement new legal requirements, quality measures, etc. on various products of the company in order to continue to be present as a leading full-line supplier in the European bus market in the competition for ever shorter development times for increasingly complex products. With HPC Change management, the transparency…

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