The integration of automated guided vehicles

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Intralogistics is an indispensable part of every manufacturing company. It includes transport and storage activities as well as the essential task of ensuring the supply of production with the required materials. To keep up with the competition, companies are forced to constantly optimize their processes and make them more efficient. This also applies to logistics. […]

Lift integration with SAP

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Manual intralogistics processes such as storage and retrieval, picking or inventory control tie up employee capacity, cause increased costs and are often prone to errors. To counter these problems, more and more technologies for warehouse optimization are finding their way into companies’ intralogistics in the course of advancing digitalization and automation. One technology that is […]

Product cost calculation in SAP

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The term “product cost calculation” or product cost accounting is a business method for determining and summarizing product cost information (cost units). In this, the costs of individual items of manufactured and sold products are recorded. Therefore, the synonym cost unit accounting is often used. The calculation is essential for the valuation of new products. […]

Global Climate receives Environment and Sustainability Award 2021

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Altan Günsoy, tax consultant and founder of Global Climate GmbH, was awarded the 2021 Environment and Sustainability Prize in the digitalization category by B.A.U.M., a network for sustainable business. The award is aimed at committed founders in the field of sustainability. In addition to Altan Günsoy, the sailor Boris Herrmann, the climate scientist Dr. Friederike Otto, […]

Optimal business rules with the SAP BRF+

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We have been advising on the SAP Business Rule Framework plus (BRF+) for over 10 years. With the introduction of SAP S/4HANA, SAP’s Business Rules Management System (BRMS) is becoming increasingly important. In particular, S/4 HANA Output Management (OPD) is set to use BRF+ to replace the tried-and-true ECC message determination. With each release, SAP […]

286km for a good cause!

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286km for a good cause! Christian Alles has run an unbelievable 286km/8000mhd non-stop over the Westweg through the Black Forest to Basel – and that for a good cause! After 50 hours, he had reached his goal and was able to collect a whole 4,000€ for the project “A Kiwi against cancer” through this action. […]