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Conversion S/4HANA - Greenfield or Brownfield?

Dienstag, 18.02.20

With the extension of the maintenance of ECC 6.0 until the end of 2027, the time pressure for a conversion to S/4HANA is no longer quite so great. However, the extension of the maintenance (from 2025 to 2027) only means a slightly slower journey, no change of course. The strategic direction "S/4" is therefore still set.
For many SAP customers, in addition to the time frame, the technical approach (greenfield, i.e. new implementation, or brownfield, i.e. system conversion) with which a changeover is approached is also important. Basic guiding questions for decision-making are on this:
Can the system be technically converted in one step?
Do the current business processes already support the long-term strategy of the company?
Can templates such as SAP Best Practices or SAP Model Company be used as a basis for creating and modernizing the company's core processes? Which customer-specific developments should be adopted?
Is consolidation of the system landscape one of the main drivers for the changeover to S/4HANA?
Is earlier transaction data required on the S/4HANA system?
Is the project IT- or department driven and financed?
This evaluation is part of the first project phase. In addition, as a basis for decision making, on the one hand the current system must be analyzed from the technical side (readiness check with code check, etc.), but on the other hand the processes must also be included and possible changes or improvements with the new S/4HANA must be taken into account. In this first phase, the concrete advantages of the S/4HANA for the customer are also jointly developed and presented. This creates the opportunity to evaluate the benefits for the business and thus calculate an ROI for the project.
HPC has taken over the SAP project procedure in principle, but on the one hand it has simplified it (so that it can also be used for conversions in medium-sized companies) and on the other hand the HPC approach provides for an agile project procedure in the implementation phase. Overall, it is therefore called a hybrid project approach (classic waterfall model, but agile realization phase) and combines the advantages of both worlds.
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