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Der EWM UI5 Converter liefert das, was viele unserer Kunden bisher vermisst haben

Montag, 08.07.19

Together with our development partners trimaster AG we have given the Schweizer Tages-Anzeiger an interview on the topic "EWM UI5 Converter". In the attached issue "Focus Supply Chain & Operations Management" Stefan Kehlenbeck (trimaster AG) and Christian Heck (HPC Aktiengesellschaft) give exciting answers to the current challenges in logistics, customer requirements and their own demands on the product.

What added value do users have with our developed app interface?
How did the idea for the development of the converter come about?
And when exactly was the first step towards implementation taken?

Answers to these questions can be found in the following link on page 21:
Fokus Supply Chain Management

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