SAP Production Planning and Control (PP)

Smart solutions for production and control

SAP PP (SAP Production Planning and Control) maps all production planning and control tools of the SAP ERP system. PP enables the temporal and spatial planning of production activities and the control of the supply chain of companies.

Consistent master data management
in SAP

Consistent master data management
in SAP

In production planning, the relevant master data from other areas flow together, so that clean master data management in the upstream SAP modules is indispensable for the use of SAP PP.

This master data includes, for example, bills of materials and routings, but also inventory information from materials management and existing employee capacities. We would be happy to advise you on how to comply with uniform master data management in SAP.

Product changes? - We bring you into your SAP system

The use of a new component in industrial production is often a real tour de force: Product-specific adjustments must be communicated uniformly from development to sales.

System-supported change processes create the basis for this, integrate the most diverse specialist areas and ensure reliable data quality. With HPC.change management in SAP, this change process is mapped transparently and complexity is reduced.

Production planning and processes

In production planning with SAP PP, the production processes of a company are mapped as a whole. Since there are sometimes considerable differences in production, the existing production processes are analyzed and divided into mass, prototype, type, series and individual production. With SAP PP, several production types and processes can be mapped and implemented in parallel, guaranteeing a high degree of flexibility in process handling. With HPC Prototyping, the production process for a product can start successfully. The system-side support of prototype handling verifies the developed product structure and enables you to quickly meet high customer demands.

In addition, new technologies or market changes force companies to modify their existing processes and change production in order to continue to produce economically. For this reason, the production types in SAP PP production planning are designed in such a way that process changes can be integrated at any time, even if the existing process is significantly changed as a result.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

With SAP PP, you can easily plan current and future requirements as well as the required production quantities, routings and inventories. Factors such as deadlines and capacities can also be taken into account. Thanks to real-time recording and evaluation, the entire production process can be monitored at any time and resources and costs can be evaluated.

Material and capacity requirements planning (MRP Material Resource Plan), in contact with SAP MM, allows not only the planning options but also the monitoring of individual requirements and the current and future operational key figures to be evaluated. By means of detailed scheduling, the production capacity utilization can be planned far into the future and a reaction to over- or under-utilization can be made at an early stage.

Real-time information in
production at a glance

With the HPC production cockpit, real-time information from manufacturing & transparent monitoring of the ACTUAL states can be displayed at a glance. Convince yourself of TARGET-ACTUAL comparisons and a smooth control and optimization of manufacturing processes.

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