SAP Mobility

Mobile solutions (mobility) in and for SAP provide the option of displaying information from the SAP system and executing transactions on mobile devices such as scanners, forklift terminals or smartphones via simplified user interfaces. Here, in addition to the user interface, the ability to access the mobile device’s hardware functions such as scan modules, RFID readers, cellular modules, cameras, etc. via the mobile solution is also important – this means that barcodes can be scanned, RFID information can be read, data can be exchanged with the SAP system even at locations not equipped with WLAN, or photos can be attached to SAP documents.

Furthermore, many of the mobile solutions have the ability to synchronize data and process them offline without a connection to the system (i.e., at locations without WLAN or cellular reception). As soon as a connection is available again, the data is then matched (synchronized).

The design of the process is also essential: the user is guided through the process without having to have background information at each step. This enables working with an appropriately designed mobile solution with minimal training effort (e.g. for temporary workers).

Especially in the area of warehouse & production, many of these capabilities are in demand. In the simplest case, a mobile solution is used to make input screens clearer – in more complex cases, capabilities of the hardware are used and the employee is guided through the process with the help of the mobile solution.

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