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SAP Leonardo

What is SAP Leonardo?

SAP Leonardo is the new “Digital Innovation System” that provides thematic blocks and applications as well as microservices for the Internet of Things, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), but also blockchain and analytics and Big Data analyses. How can I benefit from SAP Leonardo?

With the naming “Leonardo”, SAP refers to the innovative power of Leonardo da Vinci, an Italian all-rounder. With his universal approach, SAP Leonardo aims to support companies holistically and strategically in digitization and innovation.

What are SAP Leonardo Accelerator packages?

For specific industries and IoT functions, SAP Accelerator offers packages to promote and accelerate innovations and implementations with corresponding technologies or methods for design thinking and data intelligence tools.

Together with our consultants, we develop a strategy and business goals within a short time with you in a design thinking process, which can be implemented with the help of SAP Leonardo. We would be happy to support you on your way to digital transformation in your company.

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