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For years, the classic Warehouse Management has been a proven SAP ECC module for small- to medium-sized warehouses. SAP Warehouse Management (WM) was developed as a supplement to the SAP inventory management (IM), in order to physically manage storage bin inventories.

Internal Warehouse Functions:

Replenishment of spaces as well as, most recently, cross docking, Quality Management (QM), a blocked stock, batch management, and the management of hazardous materials are part of our vocabulary. The RF interface supports the work with scanners in the various processes, including incoming goods, outgoing goods (picking), storage bin inventory, packing. In addition to the SAP scanner interfaces, in numerous projects with our partner Mobisys, we have implemented effective, stable, and user-friendly scanner-supported processes.

Even handling units (HU) can be managed to the storage bin in WM. In addition, value-added processes can be basically set up as additional logistical services.
The warehouse activity monitor is an important function that supports the monitoring of the processes in the warehouse, in order to quickly react to disturbances. HPC warehouse activity monitor offers enhanced functions.

Thanks to the integration for purchasing, that is delivery processes, as well as shipping, you always have a very good process overview in the ECC.
In addition to classic SAP Warehouse Management, we have also configured SAP LEAN WM for small warehouses.

Our customers often use external logistics service agents. Communication with the external warehouse management system is implemented using the local warehouse configuration. In this way, the balances in the ECC are soon managed, as well as the physical inventory and differences in warehouse stock and the incoming goods and shipping processes.

In the case of larger and more complex warehouses that are outfitted with state-of-the-art infrastructure (automatic high rack storage areas), we have implemented SAP EWM or support the production operation.