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Automatic Warehouse Integration in SAP® EWM (MFS)

For an increase in efficiency and quality during the development and configuration of warehouse management systems, it is useful to test them as extensively as possible before they are put into operation - the same applies if problems occur with a productive system.

Test Scenarios without a Productive System

Often, the productive environment is not available because it cannot be locally reached or is still in planning or development. Because of that, the amount of work in the development and test phase is often strongly influenced by emulating the material flow computer. The manual generation of messages can be time-intensive and there is often not enough time and / or knowledge to create automated test systems. Furthermore, some errors can only be detected at higher loads or under special constellations that can only be generated by the productive environment.

MfSim and TeleSim

To test the communications interface between the warehouse management and material flow computers, our partner IT-Forum developed the products MfSim and TeleSim. These are discrete event material flow simulators that play the role of the material flow computer or a similar system in test operation. With these, it is possible to test the behavior of the warehouse management system without using the actual hardware or even by simulating the hardware.

Graphical Simulation Interface

A graphical simulation interface allows the user to visualize the behavior of the configured warehouse system in real time or in step-by-step processing. A tabular as well as a visual view can be used. The simulator offers numerous possibilities to manually intervene in the process flow and also emulate error situations. Scenarios configured in the simulation can be saved and are therefore also available for enhancements after the end of the main project.