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Transparency for Infrastructure Services in SAP®

The use of infrastructure is often connected to the registration and invoicing of mass data. When invoicing individual usage, one aim is towards making profit and another goal is to quickly releasing bottle neck resources in the infrastructure, thus creating incentives for this purpose.

While it is important to identify the individual services from the data delivered these services need to be defined in terms of quantities and prices as well. At the same time, the display of complex accounting issues in the system is especially difficult, and therefore also the traceability of the services for the employees.

With the MILES application architecture, a message-based integrated service payment system, HPC has developed a solution within the SAP® Standard that creates transparency when using a complex infrastructure and allows for flexible invoicing.

HPC.Miles Process Diagram

Fig. 1 HPC.Miles Process Diagram

Central Cockpit for Infrastructure Services

One special characteristic of the HPC solution is the central cockpit. It delivers a transparent interface to analyze the complex connections between the services performed and the billable items even before the creation of the invoice. The solution is currently being used by an HPC customer in Hamburg. More than 10,000 infrastructure services are being invoiced every day.


  • SAP® standard components
  • Completely transparent and auditable
  • Flexibly upgradeable
  • Very user-friendly

Billing Infrastructure Usage in SAP?®

The existing infrastructure has almost reached its capacity limit and a quantitative expansion is not possible due to lack of new room. Therefore the utitilzation of the existing infrastructure has to be optimized drastically...


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