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HPC Predictive Maintenance & Service

This innovative solution was developed on the basis of existing fieldbus families with which the seamless integration into the SAP system is guaranteed at all times. Bus protocols are supported for all common fieldbus systems. Actuators and sensors can be read by all known manufacturers. There is no intervention in the control level PLC.

Seamless integration of your sensor data in SAP® - Internet of Things

Many corporations have already taken up the issue of IoT. Since existing value chains are permanently modified, e.g. by digital components using networked systems, small to medium sized companies need to address these changes in the foreseeable future as well. This applies not only to production and logistics, but also to customer service and maintenance. In the future, service technicians may only respond to maintenance tasks when the machine has announced the maintenance event.

From reactive to predictive maintenance

Effective organization and evaluation of machines and plant control is a decisive prerequisite for preventive maintenance measures. It is only by means of a complete documentation of measurement and test values ​​that the optimum time for an intended maintenance measures can be identified.

The automatic evaluation of the reported data is performed by the HPC.PM&S add-on in SAP. Depending on the setting, a distinction can be made between error messages, warning messages or an update of the measurement document.

The mapping of sensor and actuator data to SAP equipment creates the uniqueness of the transmitted values ​​and thus the comprehensive overview.

One system for all bus protocolls - no PLC change

The HPC.PM&S facilitates the implementation of the topic of IoT without interfering with your existing infrastructure and is fully integrated in the SAP standard. Based on the award-winning modular fieldbus system Cube67 from Murrelektronik GmbH, data can be directly analyzed in the SAP system. The Cube field bus system from Murrelektronik offers extensive diagnostic possibilities. A new diagnostic gateway makes accessing these data even easier. The solution is easy to implement, provides transparent notifications in the event of error messages, and enables a high availability of machines and systems by accelerating the overall troubleshooting process.

The diagnostic gateway integrated in the Cube67 system forms the bridge between the sensor-actuaor level and the SAP system.

Overview of sensor mapping in SAP® - SAP Fiori

With the SAP-certified HPC.PM&S add-on, the topography of the sensors is mapped to the equipment structure (SAP CS/PM) in the SAP system. This results in a comprehensive picture of the status of all machines and plant controls, which is graphically represented in detail using the innovative SAP Fiori monitor.

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HPC.Predictive Maintenance & Service

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