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Workflow for Customer Inquiry & Quotation

Optimized Sales Process with SAP® Business Workflow

Would you like to display your sales processes in a uniform and transparent but yet individual way in your SAP® system? The HPC offers a quotation workflow which helps with a clear view of incoming and outgoing products, as well as contains a logical traffic light function with a color-coded status indicator.

Fig. 1 Example Quotation Workflow

HPC Workflow for the Quotation Process

With the HPC workflow technology, departments can use the SAP® standard without technical expert knowledge. User group-specific views and layouts; transparent task monitoring for receivers, agents, and third parties; and identification of processing status (such as bottleneck, missed deadline, release, etc.) are highly appreciated by our customers (such as a European supplier of railway infrastructure).

In addition, further applications, such as order management, service notifications, master data maintenance, and much more can be displayed with the HPC Workflow Cockpit.

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