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SAP Business Intelligence (BI)

SAP Business Warehouse (BW)

… integrates data from various sources, transforms and consolidates the data, performs data acquisition and storage of data. It also includes data modeling, management and staging area. SAP Business Intelligence (BI) performs analysis and reporting of data from various heterogeneous data sources.

It allows you to acquire data from multiple data sources, data staging, which can be further distributed to different BI systems. An SAP Business Intelligence system can work as a target system for data transfer or source system for distribution of data to different BI targets.

Business intelligence along the value creation process

Experience pays off. This is particularly true for BI solutions along the value creation process, because everyone can simply aggregate data. However, companies only achieve real added value when the data from different sources is rationally placed in context, correctly interpreted and the right conclusions are drawn from it.

With over fifteen years of industry expertise from numerous projects, our experts bring this necessary experience to your BI solution. We know the issues of the industry: from top management to the worker, from product creation to the end customer, from procurement to distribution.

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