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Prototype Construction

For product development in general and for the construction of prototypes in particular, increased customer demands and competition lead to with a wider variety and shorter product cycles. The requirements for support of the prototype processes have increased on the side of IT, particularly in light of the process control, documentation, procurement, and inventory management of the prototypes and their components.

Minimal Expense with the HPC.Prototype Construction

In many cases, the parts lists for the prototypes are not completely documented on the side of the system and the stocks of the different versions of the prototypes are unknown. With minimal expense, the HPC.Prototype Construction delivers customer-specific, structured process control that provides all necessary information at the right time for all areas involved (engineering / design, development, procurement, quality management, etc.) and generates appropriate worklists.

Fig. 1 Process Overview: HPC.Prototype Construction

A formatted parts list is created within the prototype notification and the transfer of the development parts list to production or parts list comparisons are initiated. In addition to the automatic creation of work schedules, role-based functions and layouts can also be displayed without any problems. With HPC.Prototype Construction, in addition to the 100% version display of the material masters, central functions, and information on the procurement process are made available.


  • Integrated product development and uniform maintenance interface
  • Simple handling (“Excel-like”) of the creation / release of the changes
  • Dynamics of Changes - Illustration of variants with high flexibility
  • Change history with version management
  • User-specific configuration of the data shown