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Production Cockpit

HPC.PP Production Cockpit for Your SAP® System

The HPC.PP production cockpit offers you a streamlined and simple possibility to enter information directly at the shop floor level and process it in your SAP ERP system. You can retrieve real-time information from production in a simple and transparent way. With clear, target-actual comparisons, problem-free management and capacity that can be customized as required is possible at any time.

Fig. 1 HPC.PP Production Cockpit on an iPad

Production Capability

The data entry at the shop floor level is supported by the MSB® technology for a number of devices, such as PCs, tablets, smart phones, touch screens, scanners, and much more. Extremely easy operation and user guidance is guaranteed by role-specific configuration as well as eloborate and adaptable SAP processes.

Process Reliability and Increasing Efficiency

The role-based access guarantees safe and efficient navigation through the process. The user is quickly and clearly allocated the necessary transactions and information needed for his task. In addition, through individual settings for fields, the input effort can also be reduced.

Transparency in the Production

Through the connection of various end devices, information about the content of the production order, progress towards completion, balance sheet changes, machine status and malfunctions, and feedback can be entered and edited in real time.
In doing so, the presentation of results can take place specific to the customer via lists. Because of this, needs for action are quickly recognized and appropriate measures can be taken.

Fig. 2 Example Shop Floor level

Typical Areas of Application for the Production Cockpit:

  • An overview of upcoming production orders
  • Details on the order lead time at the transaction level
  • An overview of the status of the production orders
  • Machine status and error messages
  • The execution and analysis of feedback
  • Packaging after the end of production
  • Integration of the warehouse and delivery processes after production