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Engineering Change Management

Product Changes? - We’ll Integrate Them into Your SAP System!

The use of a new part in industrial production is often a real feat: product-specific adjustments must be communicated, from development up to distribution. For that, system-supported change processes create the basis, integrate different user departments, and guarantee reliable data quality. With HPC.Change Management in SAP, this change process is shown in a transparent way and complexity is removed.

Fig. 1 Product Changes with HPC.Change Management

HPC.Change Management in SAP

The central, cross-department management cockpit shows work queues for participating departments. Process sequencing, cost structures, and change documentation are recognizable at a glance; master data can be adjusted with one mouse click, necessary materials procurement can be processed directly in the SAP software.

Transparent Management of the Change Process in SAP

On the basis of software modules, data objects, and functions from the SAP standard, the change progress– from the engineering change request to the change documentation in after-sales services – is seamlessly integrated into existing SAP systems. In doing so, the complete change workflow is displayed in a central requested manager function, with clearly arranged controls and management (traffic light function). You can already create parts lists here!

Central change management simplifies, for example, the creation of new suppliers or the inclusion of a new part in the warehouse, including all monitoring functions for the remainder, up to the display of the terminal serial number for the finished product, in which the new component is installed with a certain delivery batch.


  • Transparent documentation of all changes in SAP
  • Termination and control with standard timeline and traffic light function
  • Overview of all omitted, new, and changed parts through documentation
  • Transparent decision making through central archiving
  • Process acceleration through an integrated workflow
  • Exact cost analysis

Introduction of a Uniform Change Management Process at Evobus

EvoBus GmbH, in addition to new developments, is bound to incorporate new legal requirements, quality measures, etc. in order to allow for ever shorter development times and to ensure its position as a leading full-line suppliers in the European bus market. With the HPC change management transparency is...


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