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MSB Technology

The Mobisys Solution Builder® is a certified framework integrated into SAP. Middleware is not necessary. The development and adjustment of the application takes place in the ABAP Workbench with a development kit. MSB® supports online and offline processes. It comprises several components:

Fig. 1 MSB® Technology

MSB® Runtime

The runtime component contains device and user administration with a user monitor. It is possible to send messages to the mobile devices. External MDM solutions can be integrated as well.
The runtime contains analysis tools – external remote support tools can be imbedded.

MSB®Client or MSB® App

The MSB® client supports Windows operating systems; the MSB® app can be used on iOS, Android, or Blackberry.

Barcode scanners, RFID readers, card readers, GPS functionality, or camera functionality can be embedded in the application; it is possible to display graphics and documents. A dynamic shift between WLAN and cellular connections allows for an interruption-free use of mobile applications at any time.

MSB® Developer

The MSB® Developer is the development kit for mobile applications. With it, custom mobile applications are developed or existing applications are enhanced or modified. It uses the SAP ABAP Workbench as a development environment for the entire process logic and for all SAP modules.
With the graphic screen designer, new dialog masks can be developed quickly and easily. The MSB® developer also allows for the automatic acquisition from SAP ITSmobile processes.

MSB® Standard Transactions

HPC delivers MSB® standard transactions. With them, HPC customers can immediately productively use mobile applications. The scope of supply includes mobile processes from

  • Warehouse and shipping
  • Inventory management
  • Production and material flow
  • Service and plant maintenance

A satisfied customer...

A Stuttgart car manufacturer

„With the Mobisys app we have found a solution which is independent of the device type and operating system and can be used for all SAP systems thanks to the proven ABAP environment. We can imagine establishing the app as a central access to all our SAP systems."

A Stuttgart car manufacturer