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SAP Fiori®

SAP Fiori® is SAP's new UX strategy for mobile applications. SAP Fiori® offers an individual and user-friendly interface for many modern products of SAP SE.

Fiori® creates a uniform, role-specific and intuitive user experience (UX) across various enterprise applications. The responsive design enables the display on any device - even mobile. The design concept is implemented using the SAPUI5 framework and is compatible with all new generations of SAP applications. SAP Fiori® is becoming the new standard and now supports numerous SAP Business Suite applications, SAP SuccessFactors applications, mobile Ariba applications, and more.

The five design principles of SAP Fiori UX:

Fig. 1 Overview of the five design principles
  • Role-based: Only applications defined for the user's role and position are provided
  • Adaptive: Fiori adapts to different devices and is compatible with all operating systems and browsers
  • Simple: The user-friendly design makes it easy to concentrate on the really important tasks, activities and functions
  • Coherent: Fiori provides a consistent user experience for all enterprise applications
  • Delightful: The modern design concept offers an enhanced work experience


  • Less installation and support effort
  • Higher employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Extended and improved possibilities to support processes efficiently
  • Low training costs and immediate use possible
  • Less time required for operation by the user
  • Customizing of SAP Fiori

Our know-how:

HPC products:

  • Application creation in ZAEM incl. dashboard with live tiles
  • M&S Cockpit

HPC projects.
With our customer Caterpillar Inc. we have successfully implemented two projects:

  • BiQ: A central defect database that is tailored to specific company processes to permanently reduce the number of defects in production.
  • TOP30: Tracking of data from the ZAEM, due to the unfavorable operation and design of the application, which is no longer up to date. 

Mobility has become an essential factor in everyday business life.
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