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EWM UI5 Converter

From EWM RF to UI5 in a snap!

Would you like to meet the constantly growing demands of your customers? You know the added value of a clear and simple UI design?

Take your warehouse management to the next level with our EWM UI5 Converter. Our interface solution converts the complete EWM RF including possible adaptations and enhancements into SAP UI5 (Fiori design) within a few minutes.
Only minimal amounts of data are transferred to the end device, so that the solution can be optimally used for mobile scanners. Enable your employees to work quickly and intuitively on all end devices.

This is what the EWM UI5 Converter offers you:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface with a modern "look & feel"
  • Responsive design for use on all device types without additional development effort
  • Enables intuitive and fast working


  • No intervention in the technical infrastructure of the EWM-RF necessary
  • Replaces the ITSmobile in the RF framework.
  • Compatible with existing and future SAP UI technologies
  • Low data transmission
  • Better performance
Abb. 1 Screens of the EWM UI5 Converters

Cloud solution or software package?

To give our customers more flexibility, we offer the EWM UI5 Converter both as a cloud solution and as a software package that can be installed locally.

Advantages Cloud Solution/Cloud Connection:
Practically without initial effort and can be used with any device

Advantages local solution:
Suitable for companies that want to store their sensitive data on their own server

We promise:

  • Fast ROI
  • investment protection
  • Expandable and future-proof
  • Can be used in one day

Future Features:

  • Deployment on repository (conversion in central EWM, deployment on any cloud services)
  • Adaptation Project in UI5 (the generated UI5 application can be extended without changing the standard RF program flow)
  • Versioning the Generated Interface
  • Test Automation/Continuous Delivery
  • Integration WEB IDE and Theme Designer