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Standardized master data management in SAP®

There is nothing like consistent master data management. A solid database is the absolute prerequisite for any entrepreneurial success. With production sites, corporate units with different histories and globally distributed development centers that work across the board, the question quickly arises as to how master data can be kept consistent across multiple SAP systems and possibly third-party systems as well.

Definition of relevant master data

With HPC Master Data Management, consistent SAP material numbers and transparent control and monitoring of master data can be defined worldwide. For this purpose, it is first determined which objects are relevant for distribution and which data for the object must ultimately be distributed to which system. Once the routines for this are clear, the planning for the initial transfer as well as the routine regarding the frequency and scope of the change transfers can be defined.

Transparent maintenance in one central cockpit

For a better overview, a cockpit is used in which the change submissions can be conveniently viewed: Keep track of the objects, whether, for example, updates to the target systems mean that master data changes cannot be transferred or whether a routine has run through.


High quality master data can only be achieved through a transparent process. We will be happy to accompany you!

This is HPC:


The Mannheim-based company MWM GmbH (Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH) has used HPC Master Data Management to replace its self-developed Microsoft Access-based application for master data change management and to implement a cross-departmental control option for the change manager, ranging from change requests to master data maintenance and after-sales processing.

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